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01st Oct 2000 21:25

Gosh Alistair - talk about a "piece of string" question!!
For inspiration you might seek out the 50 Activities series of publications (by Gower I think) which include one (or more) for team building. If you have much more specific requirements (which would include the objectives, the people involved, what sort fo "teams" they are in, whether they are there in their teams or as individual reps, whether they are members or leaders, what kind of thing they've done before, what the corporate culture is like, is this a repair, maintenance or development programme, etc.) we may be able to provide you with a few ideas
Clive Hook
Strategy by Design

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By admin
01st Oct 2000 21:34

How about an interactive excercise which would include everyone writing down on a "Post it" for instance a statement about themselves. This would bring about the most bizzare statements. EG I have a tatoo!! I was once a stripper! Once a relavant statement has been picked (No prior looking allowed) the person who wrote the statement owns up (If that's the way you want to play it!) & then it would be for the person who picked the post it to ask questions of that person to decide whether the statement is true or not!! This can be re jigged in so many ways - apart from questioning techniques it can bring a good laugh & also get the team more familiar with each other!!
Another idea would be to split into 6 teams of 5 for example, & give each of them a song title. This would be something like "Barclays is the future" or "Those customers, how we adore them". It can go from the most serious topics to the downright silliest! Although I'm sure you will agree "Team Building" of any sort has to be based on having fun.
Hope this gives you some ideas!!

PS I've just finished 9 years working at BT! & due to redundancy as of 30.09.00, if you've got any jobs there let me know!!


Linda Hough

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02nd Oct 2000 08:09

Here's one I've used to good effect. You need a car boot full of wood, string, paper and so on, which you can make available to the teams.

Divide the group into 2 and make sure there is no line-of-sight between them. Each team gets the same brief: make a boat which can transport 3 of your team members around the car park within 45 minutes. After 30 minutes, each team can deisignate a 'consultant', who will visit the other team, and help them solve problems his team have already solved, and also find answers for issues his own team still faces.

At the appointed time, all go to the car park and demonstrate the launches. Afterwards, talk about the differences in approach between the teams, the similarity (or otherwise) of the 2 end products, and the usefulness of the 'consultant' during the process.

Ray Blake
Rahman Blake Associates
[email protected]

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By rodwebb
02nd Oct 2000 23:17

You might want to consider our Murder at Glasstap Grange exercise, which has been specifically designed for teambuilding events and has been used to tremendous effect on numerous ocassions.

The group is split into teams of 4-6 and each person within the team gets a copy of a murder mystery story. However, there is a catch and only by working together, sharing information effectively and using effective problem solving skills will the delegates have any chance of solving the mystery.

For more details visit our website at The exercise costs £95.00 and comes complete with template stories accessible from CD, full instructions and trainer notes.


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20th Mar 2003 16:42

I work in the tourism industry so this task may not work for everyone. I put my neck on the block by asking a group of around 90 delegates, both existing staff and brand new staff to design and perform a jingle in teams, which had to include the Company name, the names of the team members and a have a musical element. Despite getting some 'verbal' at the briefing, the task went really well with some fantastic ideas and talents emerging. We had some excellent feedback and most of the staff thoroughly enjoyed it. The delegates' job titles ranged from cleaners to entertainers and Managers. Ages ranged from 16 - 72 years

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