Teambuilding Exercises

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I am currently working with over 100 longterm unemployed clients who are on a ten week pre-work training programme. Can anyone help with some interesting and fun team building exercises ?

Jane Morrison


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28th Aug 2001 17:51

There are lots of team building exercises in"Games Teams Play" by Leslie Bendally McGraw Hill 1996 , about 70 in total. I've used a number from there so I'm sure you would find some you could use. It cost me about £18-£19 so it's also good value
Derek Adams

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02nd Sep 2001 14:45

I recommend you contact Adrian Bennett at Broadwater Training ( He has some useful and fun team building exercises which are well tried and tested. I'm sure Adrian won't mind me referrng you to him.
The company for which I work, Sterling Consultancy (based in Nottingham), also specialises in this kind of activity so if you would like to discuss further, please get in touch with me at: [email protected].
Chris Cordery

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