The Brain Bath?! Demands an SOS Office Makeover

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Adorable little labrador puppies have it right it seems; happiness for most office workers is soft, long and very velvety with as little likeness to sandpaper as possible.

A survey by North-West property developers MDA, found that cheap toilet roll was the most hated object of the office.

Other bum deals include:

  • Yucca plants
  • Faulty air conditioning systems
  • Stress balls/toys on desks
  • Vending machine coffee
  • Dirty cups piled in the sink
  • Mismatched desks
  • Patterned carpets
  • Getting emails from colleagues five feet away
  • Paper jams left in photocopiers

So if you’ve joined the merry throng just saying no to seventies carpets and hotchpotch workspaces then we’d like to know about it.

After all compared to our European colleagues, the European Trade Union Confederation say that Brits spend an average 44 hours a week in the workplace, that’s four hours more than our colleagues put up with across the channel so why shouldn’t you get friendly with the office interiors?

Post your design faux-pas and top office clutter turn-offs in the box below.


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