The Brain Bath!? team share their beauty DIY disasters

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Inspired by a recent survey on beauty DIY disasters. The Brain Bath?! team would like to hear about your DIY don'ts.

Forget those house related DIY disasters and look more closely at the more pressing issues such as unwanted hair and trying to achieve the perfect sun kissed skin (and the injuries that go along with these goals).

We feel so horrified by some of the treatments we have put ourselves through, that we have constructed a top ten beauty DIY shockers!

Top ten DIY Beauty disasters/beauty don’ts:

1. Hair highlighting horrors - (you dreamed of becoming a blond bombshell and you became strawberry blonde - or orange?)
2. Tidemark foundation
3. Lipstick on your teeth
4. Slashing your legs to bits with a razor after shaving
5. Toothpaste on love bites - ouch!
6. Spot squeezing gone wrong
7. Bright red upper lips after moustache waxing
8. Hot wax bikini burns
9. Caked on spot concealer
10. Fake tanning streaks

We reckon that it sometimes helps to have a giggle and share your beauty nightmares. Why not let off some steam and tell the rest of the community what Beauty DIY disasters you have starred in? - you might feel better for it - Post a comment below this article.


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