TNA for 100 workers

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1st Case Study:-
Propose a Training Roadmap for a business unit consisting of 100
staffs ( the business that your company in is your choice to choose ). You should identify the core as well as the auxillary programs in the roadmap. Using the TNA framework, identify training needs of the organization.

The Content should consist:-
1) Introduction
2) Corporate, Vission and Mission
3) TNA framework
4) Analysis & Findings
5) Recommendations and Roadmaps
6) Implementation
7) Conclusion
8) Appendices
9) References
10) Acknowledge

Chandhiran P


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By ewn1
20th Mar 2001 06:13

Have you been asked to produce this work as a case study? Are you asking visitors to help you to write this case study?

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21st Mar 2001 08:03

I am wanting to start up a Webpage!
I already have a few case studies which i have done it by myself from the Book An experiential approach to organizational Development by Donald Harvey. Not only that, i have been coallating case studies which i believe would be able to help new comers( HRD Trainers ) for research purposes. I do not want to pose ideas on problem solving which were all solely done by me. I hope that i have different views from diferrent users/trainers. This is the first step that i have started in posing questions on the forum. I would be glad if experts were to pose their questions as well. I will be posting more later on. Thank You.

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23rd Mar 2001 10:01

What is the purpose of the posting? What is it that you want?

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