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Training in the Great Outdoors?

15th Nov 2000
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I'm a qualified trainer/training manager, whose spent the last 7 years or so specifically in IT Training. I've also spent time with the Army (incl leading and instructing infantry soldiers)and have a keen interest in outdoor pursuits. Now in my mid 30's, I'm contemplating a second career stream or switch to combine these two by looking at Outdoor Development or Outdoor Management Training (I believe I have a good foundation of leadership, ommunication skills, training knowledge(CIPD)and practical ability to build on). I now need to gather some information to make some informed choices - can you help with any of the following:

- groups or organisations in this area
- companies, web sites or books
- courses or qualifications
- career routes, progressions, salaries
- your own views or personal experiences in this field

Thanks in advance.

Paul Bedwell
email: [email protected]
Mob:0411 636568
Paul Bedwell


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By admin
16th Nov 2000 15:58

try visiting this site for outdoor training and nlp might be the kinda thing you want if you want further info re nlp get in touch
matthew on 07970 481511 or email [email protected]

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By AnonymousUser
16th Nov 2000 18:15

Hello Paul

I manage a network of outdoor development associates, each an expert in their specific field. The field you seem eager to enter is rather split. There is the "teambuilding" sector which primarily delivers jollies - good fun events which have their place; the teambuilding sector which aims to delivers changes in the performance of teams, teh management and leadership sectors which aim to change the performance of individuals within these sectors, those organisations that combine many of these aspects, and a handful of other ways in which the outdoor environment is used. Getting into this field and maintaining a decent income is difficult simply because of the skills and expertise required before you get offered a position. We regularly talk to people about their desires to use the outdoors in training and our advice varies according to their specific angle, background etc.Mail me ([email protected])or call 01539 730890 if you want to chat further
Simon McElroy
The key Network

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