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I am currently putting together a profile for a new role - Development & Training Adviser. Does anyone have a similar profile either for themselves or within their training function?
Susie Smith


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31st Jul 2001 09:07

My last post was Training and Development Co-ordinator and my job description was written around the Level 3 and 4 Training and Development and Human Resource Development TDLB standards plus:
co-ordinate courses for businesses,
achieve outstanding quality in teaching and learning support,
monitor guide and counsel learners throughout their programmes,
prepare and maintain learning materials and assignments,
mark appraise and assess learners' work and provide feedback,
act as Internal Verifier and Internal Verifier Co-ordinator for other schemes at the College, plan and prioritise own work,
undertake appropriate personal and professional development activites.

There were more items on my profile but I thought these would give you food for thought.
Contact me by email if you would like further information.


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