Upside LMS

UpsideLMS is a leading provider of learn-tech solutions to enterprises, SMBs and training providers worldwide. Established in 2004, it has been disrupting the eLearning landscape, while building a legacy of innovation and best value for its 1M+ happy users across blue-chip companies like ISS, Global Knowledge, Gulf Oil, Safestore, etc.

UpsideLMS' portfolio includes:

  • UpsideLMS - A full-featured SaaS Learning Management System with support for Online, Offline, Formal, Informal and mLearning.
  • UpsideLMS Mobile - The Mobile App extension of UpsideLMS for delivering Online, Formal and Social Learning.
  • UpsideMOVE - A Mobile App for delivering Offline (no Internet) training (powered by UpsideLMS).
  • Off-the-Shelf eLearning - A library of 10K+ ready-to-use, mobile-friendly, micro-learning videos and courses on a wide range of topics.

A winner of 38 awards and recognition, UpsideLMS is driven by a team of 50 committed professionals who have made it their mission to make L&D a success for businesses.