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Communication Styles

looking for a communications style questionnaire

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I am running a workshop and I would like to include a communiations style questionnaire that includes passive and aggressive behaviour.  Do any of my colleagues out there have one that they could share or one that they could recommend please?

Many thanks


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Shonette Laffy
By Shonette Laffy
06th Jan 2017 10:19

Hello Pauline,
We had a similar thread a while ago which might be useful:
Otherwise this resource has also been mentioned a few times before:
Hopefully our members can suggest even more!

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By sarahjane11
10th Jan 2017 09:02

Hi there I have a couple that may help. I am out of the office for a few days...but if you drop me an email happy to send over. [email protected]...

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By Bryan Edwards
11th Jan 2017 13:10

We have some stuff on assertiveness etc at but no questionnaire. Try - I ve used their action centred leadership questionnaires before and they were very good.

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